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Holiday Fling Saat Travelling #2: Antara Jakarta & Stockholm

Wow, it’s been awhile. Akhirnya bisa lanjutin cerita “Holiday Fling Saat Travelling” lagi! Bagi yang belum tahu, jadi cerita ini saya tuliskan memang berdasarkan pengalaman saat melakukan perjalanan ke beberapa tempat yang berbeda. Bagi yang sering melakukan perjalanan, baik di dalam Indonesia maupun di luar Indonesia, pasti pernah mengalami yang namanya ketemu seseorang yang cukup spesial (dan mungkin membekas di hati, …

Djakarta Bali: The Most Delightful Indonesian Restaurant in Paris, France

Since living in France, moreover every time we visit Paris, we always hunting for an Indonesian restaurant or some places who sell any Indonesian food. As a couple who lives in a town on the coast of northern France, where it is quite difficult to find Indonesian restaurant even the Asian supermarket, it is always a pleasure to be able …

Euphoria Asian Games 2018 and the next Asian Para Games 2018!

Baru saja Asian Games 2018 usai dan berlalu selama 2 hari, tapi rasanya udah kangen banget lihat euforia masyarakat Indonesia dari segala penjuru. Saya memang gak sempat untuk menonton pertandingan secara langsung di Asian Games 2018, tapi lihat dari televisi rasanya senang, haru dan tiba-tiba ngerasa ternyata Indonesia tuh bisa banget sekeren itu loh! Despite of netizen yang sukanya hanya …

What does it feel to be women pedestrians in Jakarta?

Yes, maybe for some of you whoever been visited Jakarta or at least read any news in online social media ever heard about this kind of issue. Jakarta is a big city, yes even almost as big as Singapore, let say. In some of the Southeast Asian countries, we might have this common problem with the pedestrian in the capital …

#6th Review: Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta

Hello, my lovelies readers! It’s been a long time since I wrote my last hotel review. Today I am gonna write my review during my stay in Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta! For Jakartans people, maybe already know about Morrissey Hotel. I have stayed in there for few times before, and I found its really great place to stay either with your …

(D)roolling cheese by Ojju!

Happy Monday all! Today, I am gonna show you another happening Korean restaurant in J-town! (red: Jakarta Town). The restaurant name is Ojju K-Food! What makes it really special and very happening? It because they have the phenomenal rolling cheese, which will definitely spoil your tongue and mouth! I went to Ojju K-Food in Gandaria City, unluckily, on the weekend. Why it …

#5th Review: My first flight to Europe with KLM

Just a little bit flashback to my first journey to Europe. In October 2015, luckily, I got a recommendation from my colleague in the office to attend one of the biggest Internet Forum which has been held in Stockholm, Sweden. You don’t know, how I was very happy and very excited to had a wonderful chance like that!

And it was completed by the chance that the organiser was booked me economy class flight ticket by KLM! So here is my review during my first flight to Europe with KLM, check it out…

At this time, I would like to write my review during my first flight to Europe with KLM, check it out…

Their TV and other entertainment facilitate!
Their TV and other entertainment facilitate!

Well, the seat was quite comfortable and spacious (maybe for Asian like me). The flight was at night, and the flight had one stop in Kuala Lumpur and then transit in Schiphol, Amsterdam. The total journey was almost 20 hours and my flight from Jakarta was a lil bit delayed likely for 30 minutes. I was a little bit worried too because my transit time in Schiphol will only take around 1 hour, but finally, I made it even that time my plane was already boarding! (Fiuuuh…)

During the flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, they served us nice dinner completed with the cake as dessert.

Delicious welcome dinner by KLM on board
Delicious welcome dinner by KLM on board

Then we stopped in Kuala Lumpur, all of the passengers should have to go out from the plane and wait at the boarding gate while they cleaned the plane because there will be another passenger from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam.

Well, again… They gave us late night snack to eat. I really need to take a good rest even on the plane, so I ordered the red wine to make me sleep better 😉

Late night food with the wine? Why not!
Late night food with the wine? Why not!

It’s sleeping timeeeee! I got this cute little thingy goodnight goodies, which is very cute! Inside this goodies were blindfold, earplug, toothbrush and the paste. All with blue colour!

Very cute 'Goodnight Goodies' which they gave us before sleeping time
Very cute ‘Goodnight Goodies’ which they gave us before sleeping time

The cabin crew was very powerful! I saw many of them were already above 45 years old and for me, it’s awesome, because they were still very strong to do work as cabin crew, which is for me not so easy to do. They were very polite and always asking what we need (oh well, that’s their job for sure, haha). Most of them could speak either Dutch, Indonesia and English and the most important, their service was also very fast!

After around 15-17 hours flight to Amsterdam, finally, we arrived in Schiphol! The airport was. verrrrrrrrry verrry big, that time I need to find the Gate which I will take my flight to Stockholm and after spent like 1 hour 15 minutes at the security check and 15 minutes at the immigration, I finally arrived at the Gate with my body was sweating a loooot because I was running to the gate hahaha. I even dropped my visa documents somewhere on the floor while I ran, but someone very nice was helped me! Thank youuuu!

When I entered the plane, I looked to the left and right of the seats, and I didn’t found any Asian people. Yes, it was only me surrounded by bule-bule (red: tourist) Scandinavian! Hahaha.

My flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm was around 6 am in the morning, that is why I want to show you some of my pictures from the window where I sat.

Beautiful white skies around
Beautiful white skies around and the sun started to risen
Sea of clouds up high in Scandinavian country
Sea of clouds up high in Scandinavian countries

Long story short, it was a pleasure for me to had a flight with KLM during my first flight to Europe. It was super awesome experience with KLM, thank you KLM! Hope I will have chances to fly with you again <3

On finding Korean spicy ramen in Town!

Haloha! It’s a weekend blast! Today, I am going to make you very jealous and drooling just because of the food that I really want to share with you. This weekend, I’ve decided to treat my sister and my nephew in two famous and very happening Korean restaurants in Jakarta. It is located in one of a shopping mall names …

#3rd Review: 5D 4N in Marriott Hotel, Jakarta – Indonesia

Finally, I have time to write on my 3rd review! During the 1st and 2nd reviews, I made some reviews about my experiences with airplanes, but now, I will try to make a review about one of 5-stars hotel which located in my hometown, Jakarta! last month in November 2016, I stayed for 5-days and 4-nights in Marriott for a …

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