A Random Thoughts: Love Has No Border

I believe that love has no border. Who’s agree with me now?

Since I quite often to travel to some places, I realised about some things in life, that I actually never know if its exist or even growing faster than I thought.

Like, love.

I really like to daydream at the airport, the station and in the park, every time I travel. Looking at people were walking around, have a chit-chat or just simply sitting and enjoy the weather in the park with their partners. But then, there are some moments which make me think and realise that I saw there are a lot of mixed couples each time I travel.

Last time, I saw some couples who also waited for the next flight like I did, when I was at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok and Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. The first one, seems from somewhere in America Latin and European, the others seems from South Asian countries, Thailand with American/European and there was also from the Middle East with European. Of course, it wasn’t my first time to see such things at the airport. I’ve seen a lot of it before in some different places. And since then, it makes me realise something…


The border what I talked here, is not only because of the different continents and countries, it is about the age, the gender, the culture, the habits, the religion, the race, the time, the place, the colour, and so forth.

Some people I knew have said, “I don’t understand with people who is doing long-distance relationship + a mixed couple! I mean, the ‘normal-ish’ relationship itself is somehow difficult for some people who even have a chance to see each other often, then how come long distance relationship could work? And sometimes it’s already difficult for a couple who has a different culture even they’re coming from the same country.”

I always laughed if I heard about those things. Because I know that love is a miracle that we even can’t control it, we can’t control our feeling who we will be falling in love with, we never understand about love. It somehow makes us lose control, makes us happier, lives healthier, ups and downs and everything in between!

I have some friends which look so much happier and oh-so-in-love even they have the same-sex relationship. I also have seen many couples who has so much different in term of their age (like I do now), but they’re all seems happy. I saw many mixed couples these past few years, till I experienced it by myself, with some of the differences that I and my partner has, it doesn’t make us feel weird or annoying to each other, but it does make us even richer about everything, we share our common values, we share and trying to understand about our cultures, my religion, our daily lives, exchange ideas, and more respect each other’s perspectives.

As we all know, we live with many differences in our lives, so embrace the diversity! Just don’t ever change people just because their culture and perspectives are different from what you have and what you’ve wished for. Always see there is always beautiful things behind every differentiates.

Don’t ever see those differences are barriers in your life, but rather than to see them as your sources on pursuing your only happiness, love and live your life, even though you have to step beyond the borders.

Love, xoxo.



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