WITT #19: Welcome, My Month!

Hello June and Welcome New Month!! #hellojune #welcomejune #begoodtome #summeriscoming #june #summertime #summersunshine #pinacolada #fruitcocktail #palmtrees #sunshine #winsometaylordesigns:
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Yassss! Welcoming June is always my favourite thing to do every year. Why? Because it’s my birthday’s month and it’s a sign that summer season is coming!

Somehow, June always gives me some heartbeats (and a headache) because it is a sign that my age will be added a year older. Then it will come many questions like, what I have already done during all years? What kind of good deeds I did to other people? Did I’ve done something useful for others? Do I already make my parents happy and proud of me during my whole life?

Lots of questions will come up to my mind and after more and more wishes, I will say during my birthday.

But I feel more grateful for things that I already had and all things that I have spent these past few years. Allah has been very kind to me, my family and people that I love. I’ve been experiencing ups and downs too these past few years, but it make me learn a lot, it make me grown up as the best version of myself and I will never stop to learn to be better.

Oh, I have so many things going on in my head now, I have so many stories to tell and share it on my blog, and I can’t stop to tell the world, that I am a very lucky girl and (hopefully) will always be.

Happy June, my lovelies!


Oh yes, in case some of you who keep asking what is WITT? It is the abbreviation of ‘What I am Thinking of Today?’. It almost tells how I feel, what I am doing and what I wanna do 🙂

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