WITT #18: H-7 to go (back) to Stockholm!

I am so happy that next week, I will be back to the first travel (far away) abroad, first city, first country, first Scandinavian country, the first European country that I ever visited! Yes, it is Stockholm.

Back to October 2015, I went to Stockholm for the Stockholm Internet Forum 2015 as one of the participants. It was the best experiences so far for me, I met with a lot of new friends and networking. And surprisingly, I never thought that a country which located in the north part of the world could be very beautiful with their original sparkling colour which also divided by some lakes.

I love how the old city in Stockholm gave a new spirit, enthusiasm, and incredible feeling! And this year, actually it’s next week, I will have a flight to Stockholm again to attend the Stockholm Internet Forum 2017! It’s an honour for me to be back and participate a huge forum like that. And can’t hardly wait to gain new knowledge, new friends and of course, new experience and excitement!

I will try to write some blog posts about the conference and my adventure or journey to Stockholm Part 2!

See ya..


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