WITT #16: Yessss, April!

Hanna Nyman More:

Dear April,

I was waiting for you a lot during last March. I am so happy that this month has come! There are some important events during this month. Like today, every 4th of April, we are celebrating Wedding Anniversary of my parents and also my brother and sister-in-law. This year, my parents turning to 42nd Years Anniversary which is wonderful for me and my siblings! Because we are sure, it’s not easy to stay very long time like what they do now. I love them a lot!

And my brother with my sister-in-law also turning to 3rd Years Anniversary today, yaay! Lotsa love today.

Another thing, I also can’t wait for my love’s birthday on April 15! Even we are having long distance relationship now and I can’t be there for him on his birthday but we will meet each other in Paris next month! Oh, I can’t hardly wait to meet him and of course, his family. And the most important thing, to have a short and everyday dating with the most lovely boyfriend that I ever had <3

And the last, please be beautiful month of the year for me!

Yours truly,


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