WITT #15: Welcome, March!

Heyho! Sorry, I’ve been busy recently with some works these past few days and I guess it will be busier in upcoming weeks, even until at the end of this March. There will be some important events, short projects, and another reports to be finished. Let’s cross fingers, everything gonna be alright!

Anyway, I started my 1st of March with a super useful and full of knowledge by joined and arranged a workshop which specifically made for Indonesian CSOs which working on and/or has a campaign on the abolition of the death penalty issues. In this chance, we met with some senior advocates as well as some of the junior staff, campaign and social media staff, and even the university students. I really like this workshop because I could be a participant and the organiser at the same time, which is super-cool and yet busy.

And plus, this early of March, Jakartans, Indonesian and even other countries were looking at us! Why? What else if it’s not about the King of Saudi Arabian who is currently having a holiday in Bali with his 1.500 entourage. Yes, one thousand five hundred people flew from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. Well, I don’t understand why Indonesian people should or specifically our Government seems very exaggerated due to his visit to Indonesia. Oh yes, and it’s even funnier when I knew, the King and his entourage will visit Bali for their holiday. Sorry for being so rude with the question, but I just don’t get it, why the King really wants to go there while Bali is quite famous for beautiful beaches and surrounded by beautiful, sexy girls who usually use bikinis, not burqini?

Ok, let’s be positive, maybe they really want to get tanned.

Welcome, March, fellas! I wish you have a good spring season <3


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