Journey to find the Köttbullar, Swedish Meatballs in Stockholm, Sweden

In 2015, I had a chance to go to Stockholm, Sweden, which for me, I never had a dream to go to such a beautiful city. I had a dream to Europe, but then I did not know much about this city and the country. What I really know about the country was… IKEA and their meatballs. Back to 2013, I really like to go to IKEA to bought some cool stuff for my home and my bedroom. But back then, the nearest IKEA that I could visit was only the one in Singapore. Since I was quite often visiting Singapore mostly for my work, so I went there maybe more than five times, either only for eating or bought some stuff.

I was so happy that my senior adviser in my office now, gave me the recommendation to join with one of the biggest Internet Forum which annually been held in Stockholm, Sweden. So, that time I was thinking maybe I should travel more to get to know the city, then I should have to go to the first and original IKEA once I am in Stockholm, Sweden. After long walked and get lost like for more than 2 hours just to find the IKEA shuttle bus in the city centre

And this what I’ve got…

Spent my first day in Stockholm with this delicious Swedish food

It was different taste with the one that I ate in Singapore last time, hahaha, of course! The meatballs were very tasteful with the Gräddsås (cream sauce), and I love their Lingonsylt (lingonberry jam), also the tasty Potatisimos (mashed potatoes)!

The tasty Köttbullar

The original meatballs usually used either pork or beef. My favourite, of course, the beef (since I don’t like pork, haha). The Swedish meatballs or köttbullar have been brought to Sweden by King Charles XII, after his exile in Istanbul in 1713. Meatballs and kebabs have long been a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine and have been featured on 196 flavours numerous times. The Swedish word for meatball, köttbullar, first appeared in Swedish print a few decades later in Cajsa Warg’s 1754 cookbook. Anna Christina Warg, better known as Cajsa Warg, is one of the most famous cooks in Swedish history.

Then, they became popular in the United States after the immigration of Scandinavians to the northern Midwest States in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. During that period, more than 1.3 million Swedes migrated to the US.

Anyway, you should not have to go to IKEA only to eat the Köttbullar (like what I did before, lol) because, most of the restaurants in Stockholm or maybe in all over Sweden, also sell it! You even can also cook it by yourself, they also sell it as frozen food at the supermarket and you can find the Lingonsylt easily in IKEA!

This year I will have a chance to go to Stockholm again, and I will try to find another delicious köttbullar in one of the restaurants in there. Does anyone know where should I go? Please, leave your comment here! Tack!

*Tack, Swedish language means thank you!


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