Indonesian traditional snacks #1 – Kue Putu

Hello! Sorry, I’ve been busy this whole week with my full-time job, so I just have my time to write my blog post now. This time, I would like to introduce and to show you how much I really love this kind of Indonesian snack, as my first post about “Foodstruck“. In this section, I will talk more about my favourite food, snack, dessert, cafe, restaurant, or even junk food, which will make you tempted and droll enough only by seeing my pictures and read my explanation about the food.

So here we go!

Does anyone ever taste or knows about kue putu? 

My snack since I still in childhood!

Yup, that’s the kue putu!

Never underestimate the way Indonesian people steamed my favourite Indonesian snack all the times! I really love this kind of snack very much even since I am still 5 years old. And it will be more delicious to eat once it’s just steamed because you can taste the warm of the rice flour, coconut and the brown sugar which melted inside!

Oh, I really missed that taste!

Why it called kue putu and what does it means? Kue putu is a traditional cylindrical-shaped and green-colored steamed cake, which made of rice flour which sometimes they have two colours, like the green colour from the pandan leaf, filled with palm or brown sugar then usually they steamed it in the bamboo tube like you can see on the picture above and they served with grated coconut.

It’s quite surprising for me, that I just knew actually kue putu is not only sold in Indonesia, but it is also known and commonly found in another Southeast Asian countries, like in Malaysia and Philippines; as well as in the Netherlands which had colonial ties with Indonesia, as informed by one of my Dutch friend.

Trust me, I could eat many of kue putu instead of gorengan (Indonesian snack which goreng in Indonesia is fried). Of course, it because kue putu much healthier than gorengan!

Like 20 years ago, we can easily found kue putu were sold by someone who always pushed his cart and walked around our neighbourhood. But now, it’s extremely very rare to find the cart, moreover if you live in the capital city of Jakarta. Yes, you might still find it in some traditional markets and few street food stalls, but believe me… it is still very rare, hahaha.

I found this one in the picture when I visited Yogyakarta and stayed in Grand Aston Hotel. So, in front of the hotel, I found many street foods, which sometimes it will be a lil bit difficult to find it in Jakarta, one of them was the kue putu. So since I stayed there, I bought kue putu like for four times in a week.

And what I love the most about kue putu because they usually used natural sugar, rather than artificial sugar or sweetener. That is why it’s one of healthy Indonesian traditional snack! 😉

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