WITT #14: Bonne Année 2017

Hello, friends! Happy new year for all of you in every part of the world. This will be my first WITT post in 2017 and I am so excited about everything that this year will bring me to! But I hope it will bring full of happiness, excitement, laughter, loves, and more luck to me, my family and my beloved ones.

Well like any other people, I would like to make a (long) list of my 2017 resolutions, so this is it…

  1. Be more grateful for my life and getting closer with Allah SWT 🙏
  2. Always giving the best thing and to make my parents proud of me more!
  3. Would love to meet the cutest, sweetest, funniest, lovely and awesome boyfriend, Igor Girault. I wish we are still in love for each other, stay forever and lots of travel together! 💼🎒
  4. Be healthier than last year, eat healthily, drink more waters, enough sleeping time
  5. Starting to more practice on IELTS and get the best score IELTS. Bismillah! 📖
  6. To read any kind of books at least 2 books every month 📚
  7. Visit and have another holiday in Europe, especially explore cities in France and visit my family in Geneva
  8. Be more successful in everything that I do
  9. Study and preparing to apply for Master scholarship programme in human rights
  10. Engagement? Get married? Hope for the best <3
  11. Explore Indonesia and Southeast Asian region. See the world as much as possible!
  12. More active in writing, blogging, photography, journaling, and other creativity things
  13. Saving more money for (i) future, (ii) travel, (iii) education
  14. Learn more about cooking and baking!
  15. Be kind to everyone, keep courage and be patient to face any problems in this life
  16. Self-discipline, well-organized, tidy, on-time and make to-do list (prioritise activities)
  17. More self-respect 🙂
  18. Learn and practice more French!

Bismillahirahmaanirrahiim… Insya Allah, I am ready to face 2017 and fulfil every resolutions above!



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