#2nd Review: My 1st Journey with Emirates

Oh yes, this will be my 2nd review here in my blog and my 1st journey with Emirates. I had my flight journey with Emirates last June 2016, it was for my Fellowship program in Geneva, Switzerland. So the organiser booked me flight ticket from and to Jakarta – Geneva by Emirates. I was very excited because that was my first time to use Emirates and I finally landed my feet in one of Middle East country and one of the richest country in the world.

Yes, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So here is my review about Emirates:

  • The Service? So far, they gave a very nice service for the passengers, even sometimes some of them weren’t really hospitable, but overall I love to fly with Emirates. Last time I had midnight flight from Jakarta to Geneva, where I should have to transit in Dubai for 4 hours. Also, I should have transit for 5 hours in Dubai when I had a flight from Geneva to Jakarta.
During my flight from Dubai to Geneva last time, I got three seats for myself! So relax! 
  • The Food? Oh, I love the food! It’s acceptable and luckily, it’s good for Muslim people, because they only serve Halal food. They always served delicious dessert!

  • The Entertainment. I love all of movies and music in Emirates. They have very good movies and song lists! So I never get bored during my flight. Moreover, in their new aeroplane, they also have WiFi on board! But you can only try to use it if the aeroplane has already reached above 30.000 ft if I am not mistaken. And it’s only limited for 200mb during 2 hours.
  • The View. Oh, I really love to see the view during my flight from Dubai to Geneva. It’s very beautiful and lovely! I really missed seeing that beauty.
Switzerland Alps
Just took off from Dubai International Airport
Flew up high in Switzerland
  • The Flight. So far, I could say it was one of best experience to fly with Emirates. I almost have no complaints about the flight!
  • Please, always do online check in prior to your flight. This is what I always do and remember to people around me, whenever we will have flight. Besides it helps you booked your flight, it is also will help you to find a better seat during your flight. If you prefer to sit in the aisle, I don’t know maybe because you have a problem to always go to the toilet every hour, so you can choose the aisle seat. But for me, if the flight will take during the morning or afternoon, I will prefer to choose the window seat, rather than the aisle. Because I could take many clouds pictures and if I am lucky enough, I can take the sun too! But during the night, I will prefer to choose the aisle seat.
  • Complete electricity needs! Emirates provide all of your electrical needs. I mean like if you want to charge your phone, they have the international socket and USB plugin. So you don’t have to worry, if your phone/laptop/tablet is low battery, you can just plug it on!
  • I love their wines!

TWO THUMBS UP experiences so far with Emirates! I would love to fly with Emirates next time <3

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