#1st Review: Srilankan Airlines

I just came back from tiring and superb field trip and conferences in Sri Lanka last Thursday after a week stayed in there. That was my first time to go to one of South Asian countries, as well as my first time to visit Sri Lanka.

In here I would like to share with you about my experiences by using the Srilankan Airlines. Within 2 weeks prior my departure to Sri Lanka, so I booked my flight ticket through Skyscanner Website, from/to Jakarta – Colombo. Last time I got around IDR 4.800.000 or less than USD 357.

Before I booked the flight, I was asking to one of my Srilankan friend, is it okay to use this airplane, and yes he said it should be okay. Then I finally bought the flight! Oh talking about the price, so after I bought the flight ticket, after I also apply for my visa to Sri Lanka by using the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) System, it is applicable for 30 days visit. If you apply ETA online, then you will get cheaper price for USD 40, than if you proceed it at the airport which will cost for USD 50.

I got direct flight from Jakarta to Colombo, but my flight back from Colombo to Jakarta, I had transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 4 hours.

Anyway, as my promise, so here is my review about the Srilankan Airlines:

  • The departure and arrival time was exactly the same with the schedule. No delayed.
  • The seat was comfortable and they have nice leg room space, I mean for Southeast Asian people like me. It was wide enough.
  • They offered very nice and polite services. One of the cabin crew was giving me extra croissant for my breakfast on my flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur! I will never forget about him.
  • The plane is neat, clean and tidy. And I love they color, turquoise!
  • The food? Oh yeah, I will never forget about it. I always have a habit to take pictures of the food in every plane I used to travel. And they offered typical South Asian food, either with chicken curry or fish curry, at least for lunch time. And for breakfast, they have more Western kind of food with scrambled eggs and sausage, but still using they typical spices.
Food packaging in Srilankan Airlines
Tadaaa… Here is the chicken curry!
Breakfast in Srilankan Airlines
Scrambled Eggs with bread, sausages, green peas and tomato
  • I love their coffee! Or maybe it’s because I am a coffee person, haha.
  • They have many Indian or Bollywood movies and only few box office movies. And for many times, I chose to watched ‘Me Before You’ and ‘How to be Single’ movies. Comedy romance movies!
  • I don’t have any problem with their take-off and landing process. It was soft and nice ones.
  • Unfortunately, they don’t have USB plug and travel adapter charger in the seat. Like any other international airlines.
  • Easy to do the online check in! This is one of important thing to do 24h prior your flight. Usually, if the passenger was not really full by the time you booked, you can choose the seat wherever you want. Since I really like window seat and located in the back seat, so I always choose it. Because if you do it directly at the check in desk, sometimes they give you free to sit wherever you want, but usually they also give you charge for it.
  • Heavenly view by the window seat!
Up up in the sky high with Srilanka airlines
About to landed in Srilanka International Airport


So that my review about Srilankan Airlines. All over services was good!

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