WITT #8 : Life between Geneva and Jakarta (1)

Yay, my blog post about “What I’m Thinking of Today?” or I usually called it with WITT now its already 8th times! In this time, I will try to tell many different things that I feel between live in Geneva and Jakarta. Here we go!


Since I came back from Geneva, sometimes I feel like half of me has changed already. I never thought that I could live by myself and moreover live far away from home. From my family and friends. Since I was born, I never live far away from my family for a long time, but I did. I lived in Geneva by myself for 3 months. I never thought that I could have had this chance. This year was the best year so far for me! I even celebrated my 26th birthday in Geneva! In the most expensive city in Switzerland, I could say, hahaha.

Well, back to the story that I wanted to tell.

So when I came back here in Jakarta, I could feel there are many different things between Geneva and Jakarta. Well, I shouldn’t compare both of this city, because I know both are definitely different, where Switzerland is a developed country, while Indonesia is still known as developing country. I could feel and see many different things between two of them, mostly on general things that I found in the street.

The ethics of queuing. In Geneva, I saw there were so many immigrants than the Swiss citizen. We can easily found, the Africans, Arabian, as well as Asian. But they always obedient and well-ordered every times they were queuing. In Jakarta, people tends to be disordered, precede each other, apathetic, and sometimes they seem intolerance even with the elder people.

Self-service habits. In Geneva, there are some places which tend obliges us to do everything by ourselves, such as; self-service payment in a supermarket, self-service in the gas station, put our dishes by ourselves in the provided spaces at the restaurant and much more. In Jakarta, we are still relying on the waitress services, sometimes I was thinking that Jakarta people are still like being spoiled. If we go to the restaurants, cafes, or food court, you can see so many people left their dishes on the table; there are only few gas stations in Jakarta which using the self-service, and there is no supermarket who apply for the self-service payment. We do still need a cashier.

Elder/Disable/Pregnant women’s signs (special seat). In Geneva, if we see every sign which contains and concerned to the people that I mentioned above, it means we need to obey it and people seems fine and keep standing in order to respect the sign. In Jakarta, as long as those special seats still empty, so we definitely can sit in there! Sometimes people who sit there, even they saw people who have the special criteria, they sit still and seems ignored or sometimes pretend they were sleeping.

Public transport payment method. Oh, this is what I still amazed with the payment method for the public transportation in Geneva. So usually every months I bought/renewal/recharge my TPG (transport public Genevois) card for CHF 70 (or equally to IDR 935.000) and it is already included unlimited used for busses, trams, and taxi boat only valid within Geneva. We don’t have to tap the card to the small machine in a bus/in a station, we just can go directly to the public transport that we want to use. And during my 3-months stayed in Geneva, there was only one time the bus officers tried to checked my TPG card! In Jakarta, we have two payments method for the public transportation; First, we need to recharge the card (usually it depends on how much money do you want to fill in the card, minimum IDR 50.000 or EUR 3.6) with all that money we can use the bus for 14 times, because usually they charged for one time; one destination only for IDR 3.500 or EUR 0.3 cents, this payment method only valid for the Transjakarta busses! The second one, we can use the traditional bus which is we can pay directly to the driver/the bus officer which is inside the bus, the price usually lil bit expensive than Transjakarta, it will take around IDR 4.000 – 10.000, it depends on the distance. Why Transjakarta is cheaper? Because it’s owned and regulated by the Jakarta provincial government.

I think I still can feel there are many different between Geneva and Jakarta. I will definitely update more once I remember.

(to be continued)

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