WITT #4: Welcome, Autumn!

Yes, I am so happy to welcoming the 2nd most favorite months of the year (at least for me).. Welcome, October!

Why I love October? Because it’s the 10th months of the year which clearly reminds me that December will come very very soon! And usually in Jakarta we likely will have rainy season, but it seems this year the rainy season has just started (very) earlier, since July. Global warming’s effect? I am pretty sure it is.

Well, anyway, October this year will remind me of my 1st year of the Europe trip last year that I started on 18th of October, 2015. I started my very 1st of Europe trip in Stockholm, Sweden last year. It was for the Stockholm Internet Forum 2015! And I was so proud to be part of their history.

Autumn in Stockholm? Incredibly cold! Last year I even could feel the weather has dropped down to 2°-4°C at night. But I love it because everything was beyond beautiful for me. I saw many brown, yellow and orange leaves fall under the tree. That’s the most beautiful season I ever seen in my life.

Hopefully this year, the autumn will bring me more happiness, ideas, fresh and brand new life! This month we also starting to work in our new office! Yay.. Sooo excited to feel the new environment and ambiance in our new office!

Welcome, Autumn! 🍁🍂

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