WITT #7: Feeling

People said we will never understand the feeling that we have. Sometimes they even working faster than our mind tells us so. For me, feeling is the wonderful thing that human could have, we could feel sad, cry, bad, angry and happy because God already gave us this kind of feeling even since we were still in our Mom’s belly.

Let say, I am among those people who really have such a sensitive feeling towards everything in life. I can easily cry every time I saw romance movies, I can be easily happy just because someone doing little things to entertain or taking care of me. Sometimes it’s good to have such a feeling, but you need to be careful once its about love. It’s not because I don’t believe in love, but it is because I learned and got experiences about my love life for these past few years.

For me, love is unbearable feeling which we definitely can’t control it. But you should have to use your own logical thinking and should have to be more rational more than your own feeling, of course, if you don’t want to be hurt.

Even though I have been hurt many times before, but I have learned that how much we feel hurt by the previous love we had, we shouldn’t close our heart for the people who might be serious and love us sincerely.

Since a long time, I believe that kindness is the human nature which every people own it, it just depends on how they apply it into their daily life and to the people surround.

Myself, I always believe and see people with positive minds, even though I just met with them. Because if we do good to people, good things will come your way. That is why sometimes, I easily get attached to people’s kindness and most of the times, at the end, I was falling in love with them.

So, how is your feeling today?

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