WITT #5: Social Media = Life?

Recently, I have learned something that everything in our life should not be posted in our private social medias. But since I am one of a kind person who really into social medias and social networking, I’d always love to share my feelings, my holiday pictures, my writings to people that I have friends within my social media accounts.

I didn’t know since when social media tend to be the most important platform for people who wants to ‘socialize’ with their friends. I have to join with many social medias just like any normal Indonesian people, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Path, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Couchsurfing and I used to have ask.fm and Flickr. Oh, I also used Tinder and Badoo which for more dating reason.

Each of social medias that I have now, they have different functions but I think they have a same reason like to ‘show-off’ with people. There is a need of people who seems really like to show they daily activities to the world or at least to the people who following their profile.

Why I should have so many social medias? Facebook, I am using it both for works, connecting with old/new friends, as well as to find some news, articles faster than I should have to watch on TV. Twitter, since years ago, I am using Twitter likely for my works, I tend to be social media officer wherever I am working, intinya lebih banyak tuntutan pekerjaan. Path, it is more daily routines and the scope of friends is more closer than Facebook, I am using this to share what kind of movie that I watch, what kind of song that I listen to, what kind of book that I currently read, what am I doing with my work, my friends, or my family, update to many places that I visited, and sharing pictures sometimes. Tumblr, I have currently activated my account again and using it for my personal blog post. Snapchat, I am so rare using this one, maybe I will delete it soon. Instagram, actually is the most favourite app for me, I like to share pictures that I took everywhere I go. Pinterest, I am using it just to find any cute, nice and cool things, also to find some ideas about decoration, art and crafts. Linkedin, of course for my working purpose! Couchsurfing, I am using this one more often every time I travelling to another country, it’s good way to meet with local people!

Can I live without my social media accounts? That’s what I always thinking about. Sometimes I really want to delete all of them, but then I didn’t just because I definitely still need them, 60% of my works now is already involving the role of social media.

There is another story about social media, where many couples tend to “compete” how far they get through their relationship to people who follow or be friends with them. Let say I am one of the victims who ever did that every time I had a relationship with. I always happily posted ‘intimate photos’ with my significant others in my social media, just like any other people. It always feels a pleasure every time people were seen and liked our happy-face pictures in our social media. But then, do we really happy for each other just like what our picture tells? I don’t think so!

Posting too much about your relationship implies you’re seeking validation externally.

Most people who post too much about their relationships do so, not because they’re gushing with joy but because they want to prove something. Either it’s to “stake their claim” on their significant other, sometimes it’s to make an ex feel “oh so jealous”, or to prove to their friends and family that they’re ‘oh-so-happy!’

In another case, I met with a lot of new friends every time I travelling. Most of them turned to be my good friends, the rest was just the way it is. But the one who always catch my attention, the interesting one and the most valuable one are the ones that I never realised to take a picture with them! It is always like that. But then I realised, everything that you think is not good or not so special, in the end, they are the one who is the most memorable!

And I believe, once we keep that one out of public eyes and attention, that’s might be the one who will long last in our life.

So, what does social media means to you? And tell me why it really means to you?

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