WITT #3: Moving to the new office

Finally! My office will move to a new building soon! It’s not really too far from the old building, but it seems I will very like the new place since the location is quite good and fresher. It is still located in Central Jakarta, the area name is Tugu Proklamasi. This area used to be a place that I always used to write on my thesis before when I was in the University. For those who knows, it called the Freedom Institute, one of famous public library in Jakarta.

Unfortunately, the library doesn’t exist anymore. They replaced it with the political party’s office. I even don’t know why. Because before, the place was really nice. They even had a coffee shop in front of the library. Well, money talks. Who knows?

Never mind. But I don’t know why I feel optimist with our new office! Hopefully, it will bring more happiness, strength, warmth, solidarity, luck, as well as welcoming more funding in my organisation! Amin.


Ps.I am writing this when I was in the Transjabodetabek bus from Tosari to my home. Feel so tired after worked!

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