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Unexpected journey : Padova, Italy

I am one of a kind of girl who believes a hundred percents that life is (indeed) full of surprises. That’s what I felt during 3-months lived and well-travelled in some Europe countries last summer. My travel plans have changed a lot once I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, where I started …

When in Roman Forum, Rome – Italy

This temple replaced the god’s original shrine, the Ara Saturni, visible under a roof opposite the steps. The remains of the temple date from the late third century AD, except for the plinth and the avant-corps, which are from late republican times. The avant-corps of the temple was hollow because it housed the aerarium, the treasure of the state. The base of column opposite is all that remains of the Miliarium Aureum, a column erected by Augustus to mark the point where all the roads of empire converged. Source: Roman Forum Guide Book.

📷 Astrid Maharani
📍 Temple of Saturn and the Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, Rome – Italy

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