WRITTENBYASTRID – is a writing space where I dedicate most of the time to share my travel journey, my experiences living abroad, women-related stories, reviews on books, beauty products and anything about France. Most of my blog posts would be in both Bahasa Indonesia or English, and soon in French!~

People called me Astrid. As of many results of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, I have been identifying as an INFJ-T, which kinda true. I was born under the Gemini sign, that makes these two look very weird for some people. An INFJ and Gemini. Most of the times, introvert people feel more comfortable to write, instead of talking in front of people. Hopefully, this blog is the answer.

I moved to France last December 2018 for a family reason, in which to reunite with my husband. I am a full-time blogger who has a dream to be a writer while travelling around the world (even better). Meanwhile, I also work as a freelancer (translator, note-taker, etc).

I always enjoy most of my times by writing, reading good books, studying French as my third languages, contemplating, collecting postcards, listening to my favorite podcasts also my favorite playlists, taking care of my plants, exchanging postcards with my penpals (hi, my snail mail gengs~) last but not least, editing videos for my YouTube channel: AMG Vlog!
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If you want to get to know each other, any further inquiries, endorsement, and advertising, you can contact me through this email: contact@wrotebyastrid.com

Merci, bisous.

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