6 Best Instagramable Café in Dieppe, France

Since living in Dieppe, we have chances to visit and enjoy the town a lot with their best events, their beautiful views, last but not least, their delicious food at the café and restaurants. And for me, every corner of this town is very Instagramable, including their café and restaurant~

As you definitely can read from the post title, so I would like to give you some recommendations of the best Instagramable café in my town, Dieppe.

1. Café des Tribunaux

It is the oldest and the most popular café in town. The building itself originally built on the 18th century and it has been renovated a few times. Basically, you will find easily the portrait of this café in some postcards of the town, which very familiar with its orange and pink pastel colour combination.

igmable resto dieppe

For me, both sitting inside or outside this café or restaurant, it also very Instagramable and very cosy to spend with your loved ones, friends or family. If you want to have the luxury ambience of the restaurant, book your place inside the restaurant. It has a lot of beautiful decorations with a combination of turquoise and gold colours. But if you want to breathe the fresh air, enjoy the sun while drinking your favourite drinks, stay outside the restaurant would be a good idea.

1 Place du Puits Salé, 76200 Dieppe – France.

2. Le Bar O Mètre

I must say, probably the best-situated bar in Dieppe. It is located just under the big cliff and at the endpoint of the beach. Here you will be able to see the shore and the English channel sea (La Manche, in French), even better… to sit while watching the sunset~

igmable resto dieppe (2)

igmable resto dieppe (1)

If you don’t want to sit outside, you can also sit inside the bar while looking at the beach and the sea. Their interior is pretty cute and comfortable too!

51 rue Alexandre Dumas, 76200 Dieppe – France.

3. L’Entrepôt

I love their vintage decoration of the restaurant~ and it just located in the heart of the town, to be exact in front of the Tourisme Office of Dieppe. As a plus, almost every Saturday night, they also have live music just on the basement floor.

igmable resto dieppe (3)

There are three different ambiences in their dining room of this restaurant; kitchen side dining room, a small lounge and terrace with the beautiful view of the Dieppe port, and the big lounge where the live music located at the basement floor.

19, Arcades de, 76200 Dieppe – France.

4. Bar la Dunette

Another bar with its natural view of the port! This time is the bar where located in the dock just in the port of Dieppe. While enjoying your coffee, beers or wine, you can also see the fisherman boats just arrive or leave the port.

The best time to stay and enjoy at this bar is around 7 – 9.30 pm during summer to feel the peak of the sunshine in the evening~

Quai de Dieppe.

5. Poke par passion

The restaurant has a modern and chic decoration with the combination colours of blue and white. It is located less than 200 meters from the Saint-Jacques church. My favourite spot is on their 2nd floor, which a little bit more spacious dining area.

I basically love almost all of their poke bowl toppings, that’s waaaay more important~

6 Rue Saint-Jacques, 76200 Dieppe – France.

6. L’o 2mer

Last but not least, this restaurant is located just in between of the beachside and swimming pool. It also has three different atmospheres which you can choose depending on your mood, whether you want to see the sea and beachside, inside the ‘glass restaurant’ or to see the side of the swimming pool area.

Our favourite is, of course, the beach area~

101 Boulevard de Verdun, 76200 Dieppe – France.

Astrid Maharani Girault sign

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