7 Snail Mail Kit for Beginner

1. TOUCH – Art Sign Pen Brush by Pentel

I finally found the best brush pen to write postcards and snailmails for my penpals~ It is probably the most comfortable brush pen I have ever used because it has a small tip which is great for variety of techniques, including feathering, outlining, calligraphy and detailed line work. It is also claimed that the pen will not dry out if left opened and can be cleaned with a paper towel!







2. Washi Tapes

Who doesn’t love washi tapes? This past few years, washi tapes are being sooo famous and the most wanted items for artists, snailmail artists and scrapbookers. Basically, you can buy easily nowadays through online or offline stores. I recommend you to find it also directly to the artists, can be through Etsy, be their Patron in Patreon or contact them through their Instagram profile/website.





3. Kawaii Stickers

Besides, washi tapes, things you can not forget are those kawaii stickers! I really love to exchanged cute stickers and washi samples with my penpals around the world~ Look some things I’ve made for my penpals and some snailmails I made here.







4. Wood Stamps

I just recently feel enjoy by using these kinds of wood/clear stamps both for my envelope and my journal. It’s just as cute as using kawaii stickers, but these ones surely everlasting which you can use many times and change its colour whenever you want~








5. Postcard

I am crazy about collecting postcards maybe since 2013. It was since I started my first job and also a year where I started travelling for work and pleasure. Every time I visit a new city/country, I will buy a lot of postcards either to send to my friends and family, or I just simply to keep them for my collection.






6. Mildliner Double side highlighter

… their colour is just sooooooo pretty, isn’t it?







7. Paperang P2 Pocket Print Portable 

Pocket printer portable which you may have been hoping for a long time!! Yesss, you can print directly things from your phone to Paperang~ but unfortunately, the result is just black and white colours.

Astrid Maharani Girault sign





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