Djakarta Bali: The Most Delightful Indonesian Restaurant in Paris, France

Since living in France, moreover every time we visit Paris, we always hunting for an Indonesian restaurant or some places who sell any Indonesian food. As a couple who lives in a town on the coast of northern France, where it is quite difficult to find Indonesian restaurant even the Asian supermarket, it is always a pleasure to be able to eat Indonesian food to cure our longing for Indonesia.

Well, I cook Indonesian food quite often at the apartment, but I am not an expert. So I still prefer to buy Indonesian food which cooked by the real Indonesian.

If you visit Paris for pleasure/work/study, there are plenty of restaurants which also selling Indonesian food, but sometimes the owner or even the chef is not even an Indonesian. It is kinda disappointing, I know. So, you have to make sure if the owner or the chef is Indonesian or not because it will have an impact on the taste.

Fortunately, during my 30th birthday last week, everything already re-open for public and we could travel all over France again. So finally, we decided to celebrate it in Paris and spent our night probably in one of the best Indonesian restaurants that we ever tried throughout France.

The restaurant called, “Djakarta – Bali”.

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As someone born and raised in Jakarta for 28 years old, my heart always trembling every time I hear or see words of “Jakarta” and “Indonesia” in wherever I live or travel to. It feels very special and will always be. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why I really want to spend my special 30th birthday in a place which I feel so much close to my home, my country. Because we supposed to have a summer holiday in Indonesia this year, but all was ruined by the pandemic. So yeah, the answer was this restaurant!

You can find easily this restaurant, from the ‘becak’ that is always parking just in front of the restaurant. The first time we set our feet in this restaurant, the ambience is very different. Feels like going back home with a little bit of luxury touch. I saw there are plenty of Indonesian accessories which decorated every corner of this restaurant.

If you follow an Indonesian-French singer Anggun C. Sasmi on her Instagram, you will see some photos which also located in this restaurant. Yes, it is also one of her favourite restaurants.


Once you enter the restaurant, just in the right corner of this restaurant, you will see a big Buddha sitting, which will remind us of the Borobudur temple. They also lining each pillar in the restaurant with typical fabrics from Bali. Some woody chairs with a little touch of Batavia design, some wayangs hanging on the wall, tenun fabrics beautifully decorated as a separator to go to the kitchen, lightings, oh… I really miss Indonesia!

A glimpse of this restaurant which was established in 1985, it is one of the oldest and famous restaurants in Paris, France. Either sitting inside or in a small pavement outside the restaurant, you will still feel Indonesia’s nuances. They decorated their wall with some old pictures of Indonesian figures that have been visited the restaurant.

Afterwards, we ordered two of Bintang’s beers, a glass of cold Dalgona coffee, fried vegetable lumpia, mie ayam jamur (chicken noodle with mushrooms), nasi goreng (fried rice) and dadar gulung as a dessert for my husband. Since it was my birthday so cheating day for chicken is a must~


As you can see, the portion of mie ayam jamur was very huge! They even gave the chicken pieces very big and very royal as the top of the noodle along with all these glazy mushrooms. Oh, and bokcoy! They gave me the Indonesian chilli sauce with a little bit of shrimp paste inside. They also put the same chilli taste in the nasi goreng made for my husband, for someone that very sensitive to spicy, at the first bite, he felt a little bit spicy. But it was fine after a few spoons. Basically, he loves nasi goreng, but he always prefers nasi goreng with sweet soya sauce, which is very Indonesian, instead of the Chinese nasi goreng.


Oh, and their Dalgona coffee, probably the best in town! For someone that has been failed to make dalgona coffee a few times, their ice dalgona coffee was really good. They even have ice dalgona coffee vegan, in which the milk that they used is made from soya.


The vegetable lumpia was good also, just two bites away for the appetizer, which was fine. We ate it along with the sauce Bali, the texture just like mayonnaise mustard.


For the dessert, oh it was so fancy! The dadar gulung artisanal, which full of grated coconut and they served it with caramelised palm sugar and small pomegranate. As fancy as the price, for one piece was around EUR 6.50.


For the food price, it’s slightly the same price as any other French restaurant in Paris. For any soft drinks starts from 3.50 – 6 Euro. They also have a variety of wine starts from 17 Euro (pink, red and white wine). For the appetizer, they have Gado-gado and Lumpia, each price around 9.50 Euro. Main dishes start from 15.50 to 19,50 Euro, which they have opor ayam, rendang beef, fish with rice, fried rice normal, fried rice special (with chicken satay), mie ayam. The last for desserts start from 6.50 – 8.50 Euro.

Overall, the restaurant was very cosy, romantic and unique. It was the best choice for us to chose the birthday dinner in this restaurant. It is actually very good for any occasion, birthday or wedding anniversary, dinner with friends, family reunion, etc. It is a good way and very good place to introduce to your French friends or family to Indonesian food if they never visit the country before.

We will definitely come back for another menu!


Astrid Maharani Girault sign


Location: 9 Rue Vauvilliers, 75001 Paris

How to go there: Metro 14 stop in Chatelet, 5 mins walk OR Metro 1 stop in Louvre – Rivoli, 3 mins walk

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. (closed Tuesday noon)

Estimated price: EUR 50 (for 2 people)






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