5 Must Visit Quartiers in Strasbourg

I could say that I love Strasbourg as much as I love Paris, or maybe a little bit more?

But to live in Strasbourg someday is one of my biggest obsession for now. For me, this city has always been my favourite to stroll around and have a lot of things to offer. Located in the Alsace region, Strasbourg is also known to have one of the best Christmas markets in France, along with the city of Colmar.

Historically, this city has always been consecutively claimed by France and Germany in the past. No wonder some quartiers and street names are still influenced by the German language. It is also affected by their architecture which derives from both French and German cultures.

Last times, when I went to Strasbourg, I took some notes which places that I would like to recommend to my blog readers, so here it is! I will introduce you to some quartiers, which in English means districts of a French city, that you should visit once you are in Strasbourg, complete with some must-visit and must-see places there.

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Petite France

Known as a full quartier of timbered houses and buildings which are surrounded by the Ill river. This quartier has a very special place in my heart because it has been on my dream and one of my bucket lists since I was a kid. It’s a quartier which I feel really like living in a Disneyland fairytale.

Here you can see and visit:

Rue Bain-aux-Plantesstarts from this street you will see a full set of half-timbered houses that you will feel mesmerized by looking around it. It is a former tanners, millers, and fisherman street with white houses back in the Middle Ages, it has half-timbered houses and surrounds with some beautiful flowers. Along this street you will find various types of cafes and restaurants, also souvenirs shop.

The Bridgeswhen you walk around in this small island of Petite France, you will find some old and beautiful bridges which connected this island with the grand island. But, when you just walk straight in Rue Bain-aux-Plantes, then on your left you will see the Pont Tournant or the swivelling bridge. It is in a small and discreet area. But be careful, as the bridge will close if there is a big boat tour going by, and you have to wait for several minutes to cross the bridge Besides, you have to stop by the Saint-Martin bridge also, it is a stone bridge where you can see the view of the mills, locks and dams. It is also the bridge where you usually see on the internet or postcard, as its very Instagrammable and Pinterestable.

Vauban Barrage-that’s a big dam which was built during the reign of Louis XIV and was known as the Great Lock of the river. If you take the boat tour, you will see it closely and clearly.

Saint-Thomas Church-one of a beautiful church that I visited in Strasbourg. This is the protestant church is an example designed of Alsatian Gothic art. It’s beautifully covered by the pink-coral colour bricks from the outside, which makes it look stunning.

Grand Île

As Strasbourg’s historic city centre, Grand Île (or Grand Island) was classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. It is a part of the town where you will find and see a lot of buildings influence by French and German architecture dating from the medieval ages. There are some parts of this quartier, I feel it very romantic if you spend with your love ones. Walk around this quartier with its narrow streets, will not make you feel bored as they have unique souvenirs shop, restaurants, cafe and wine bars to fill up your desire. Same like in Petite France quartier, the building full of half-timbered houses with different colours, decorated with the vine plant which trailing and climbing in some part of the walls, also not to forget their beautiful windows.

Here you can see and visit:

Cathedral Notre Dame Strasbourg-for me it is the second-best cathedral in France, after the Notre Dame in Paris. I feel mesmerized by the charming of the Gothic architecture of the Cathedral. As a symbol of the city, this Cathedral constructed with pink sandstone from the Vosges mountains and it took almost 3 centuries to complete their work. They also have the astronomical clock which may interest you to see. It is built-in 1574 as the Renaissance masterpiece of clock making and mathematics. Don’t forget to come and see the inside of this Cathedral!

Place Kléber-as the largest square of Strasbourg, it is always full of people who are passing by to do window shopping or just spend time to hang out with their friends and family. It is also where one of part of the Christmas market lay on. Here, mainly a commercial area which you can find some branded shops, bookstore, coffee shop, cafe, restaurants, etc. The name of this square came from the general Jean-Baptiste Kléber, where you can also see his statue there.

Rohan Palace-around 50 meters from the Cathedral on the east, you will find this palace. It is also one of the iconic monuments that you have to visit while in Strasbourg. The classic architecture inspired by fine Parisian townhouses. You can also see the palatial facade from the Ill River as you go by the boat tour.


Situated in the south of the main island, the quartier is mainly surrounded by the canals. No wonder, it was traditionally for the boatmen’s and fishermen’s quarter or a meeting point. Today, it is popular for the contemporary bars and restaurants, fashionable shops and art galleries which make the atmosphere of this quartier as the liveliest and a pleasant one. I have some favourites cafes and restaurants which I would like to recommend to you in the next post.

Here you can see and visit:

Saint-Guillaume Church-this church has a different style if you compare to other churches in France. It is a Gothic church which presented the Lutheran Protestant Church.

Place Austerlitz-it is also famous with some touristic places, where you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants. No wonder this place is very famous for the young local people spend their soirée around this area.

Alsatian Museum-anything you want to know about this region of Alsace and witnessing their life of Alsatians in the 18th and 19th centuries.


It’s an impressive square which designed as a showcase of Prussian power (it was historically prominent German state), which named with the German language means New Town. The quartier was created with the Germans late 18th centuries as a city centre. There are a lot of Palais or palace which you can find it here, ex: Palais du Rhin (former palace of the German Emperors), Palais de Justice and Palais des Fêtes. This quartier also riches with their famous historical landmarks and monuments.

Here you can see and visit:

Place République-it surrounded by the three sides and five buildings; Palais du Rhin, National and University Library, Theatre National, Prefecture of Grand Est and Bas-Rhin also the tax centre. It also has beautiful parks, which you don’t want to miss it to take some pictures there! One of my favorites is the building of the National and University Library. But the National Library is not open for public.

European Quartier

Oh, finally, we are in the last quartier which you also probably don’t want to miss it. It’s a little bit far from the city centre of Strasbourg, to be exact it is located a little bit in the north-east. Once you arrive in this quartier by the Metro, you will see exactly the big building of the European Parliament on your right side.

Here you can see and visit:

European Parliament-it is located in the banks of the Ill River, so again, you can see the behind part of the EU Parliament from the boat tour! I visited this EU Parliament and oh, makes me really want to work here. Even my passion and biggest dream still want to work at the UN Office in Geneva. To go inside the EU, it’s totally FREE. Like any other visitors, my favourite was the big hemicycle room and the Simone Veil parlementarium which has the 360 degrees cinema.

Council of Europe-known as the Palace of Europe which has been the seat of the Council of Europe since 1977. From the outside, it shows the line of flags which represent the 47 Member States of the European Union. I did not go inside the building, because you need special permission to do that. But, not too far from this place, you can go across the street and visit the Orangerie Park! One of the oldest park in Strasbourg. It is a good place for strolling around the park, jogging or even picnic, just like I did last time.

European Court of Human Rights-first time I saw this building probably when I was in university. It has a very unique architecture with two futuristic metal cylinders as a symbol of the scales of justice.

ARTE-last but not least is this building, the headquarters of the European TV channel, ARTE.


  1. Wah, bangunannya lucu-lucu. Kayaknya bakalan menenangkan banget ya hidup disini.

    1. Iyaa ini tipikal bangunan tua di beberapa kota di Prancis, namanya maison de collombages (timbered house). Kalau di beberapa daerah di Prancis yang lebih kecil kotanya, mungkin memang menenangkan ya, tapi kalau di kota besar kayak Strasbourg, bakalan rame banget sama turis sih hehe, apalagi di daerah-daerah yang ku sebutkan diatas. Dan biasanya bangunan seperti ini struktur lantai dan pondasinya asimetris jadi ada yang naik turun, meski beberapa bangunan ada yang interiornya sudah di renovasi, tetapi selebihnya mereka berusaha tetap mempertahankan keasliannya 🙂

  2. Wow I never realised there was so much to do in Strasbourg!

    1. Well, yes there are a lot of things to do in Strasbourg! But I loooove this town a lot, I hope you (will) too!

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