My 10 Travel Journal Essentials Kit

Things that went digitally always tempting to use, because its handy, practice, 90% accurate and multifunction.

But what if your gadget has run out of battery? Or have no signal during your trip?

That’s why I still love to write and keep everything on my notebook than put everything on my gadget. When I am travelling, I prefer to keep my gadget on, in case of emergency needed at the end of the day.

So these are my travel journal essentials kit, which may inspire you too!

First thing first is a notebook. For me, journaling doesn’t need to be perfectly artsy. I basically prefer to choose a notebook with thin-lines than the bullet ones. Coz it helps me to write my travel journal before I share it on my blog.

2.Tombow Pen
For people who really like to do journaling, maybe it’s an essential kit to have. It’s a dual brush pen markers, where you can make some handwriting, doodling and illustration into your journal.

3.Koi Coloring Brush Pen
My second’s favourite brush pen and the most often used. Because the size is not too big like the Tombow pen, it’s very practised to bring everywhere I want and I found it easier to write. As a plus, the price is cheaper also!

4.Instax Mini 9
I am so happy with this camera. I normally used this camera for something that is really memorable moments during my travelling, which I will put directly on my travel journal. It’s different if you take moments with your phone & Instax. With your smartphone, yes you can keep it digitally and print it whenever you want, but with Instax, you will feel it’s like a ‘limited edition’ and I feel like it has more sentimental value.

5.Washi tapes
I used washi tapes normally to stick my polaroid pictures, local maps that I want to keep on my journal, subway tickets etc.

6.Stabilo Boss
Since they launched the pastel colours, I’ve always chosen for this one! To highlight some important places to go on the map we found in the tourism office and other important things I need to highlight on my travel journal.

7.Pilot G-2 pen
My favourite pen to write!

Who doesn’t love stickers anyway?

Taking notes on what’s important to do, what I have to visit, etc, then sticking it inside my travel journal.

10.Pencil Pouch
I don’t really need something big for my stationery pouch when I am travelling. I usually bring 1-2 of my favourite colours which I will definitely use to take notes on my travel journal. So this size should be ideal to bring anywhere! And it absolutely has multi-function!

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