What’s Inside Chilean Patagonia?

As you may be heard before about Patagonia (or even not yet), it actually has two parts, the Chilean Patagonia and Argentinian Patagonia, which much bigger. When I said about Patagonia, we definitely will talk about the southernmost region in the world, the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica region. It is the largest region in Chile which comprises four provinces: Magallanes, Última Esperanza, Tierra del Fuego and Antártica Chilena. I will not explain all of the details of each province in this post, you will find the complete guide to each of these provinces on my next posts.

Just a little bit of the history, the name of Magallanes region itself came from Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer, who found this region during the Spanish expedition in the 15th century. He also found the strait that lies along with the Magallanes province which also called the Strait of Magallanes.

I was so lucky to have a chance to visited this region and explore the three of all the provinces, while I went to Chile last year. Although, I never heard about this Chilena Patagonia before, if it wasn’t because of my husband who is currently doing his research in that region. But trust me, this southernmost region in Chile that you should put on your travel bucket-list before you die!

Magallanes province — has at least four communes; Rio Verde, Laguna Blanca, San Gregorio and Punta Arenas as the capital city of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica region. This province, with Punta Arenas as one of the biggest city, is the gateway to the many attractions and excursion you wish to visit and to do. Located just beside the Strait of Magallanes on the Brunswick Peninsula. From Punta Arenas, you can also make a visit to the small islands surround, like Isla Magdalena, then pass by the Isla Marta and Isla Carlos III.

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Última Esperanza province — or which means, Last Hope province, with its capital city, Puerto Natales. This province is actually my favourite of all those provinces in Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica region because it has a breathtaking landscape with wonderful mountains and its glaciers. Here you can do a lot of excursions in their real natural habitat. Torres del Paine National Park is one of the famous national parks in this province which you don’t want to miss it! Just like the meaning of this mountain, ‘Towers of the Blue Sky”, here you will definitely see the beauty of the blue glaciers and its ‘horned’ peaks.

Tierra del Fuego province — the land which they ‘shared’ with Argentina, the name has meaning as Land of Fire in English. It is just around 2 hours away by ferry from Punta Arenas (Tres Puentes ferry terminal) to Porvenir, the capital city of Tierra del Fuego province. With more than 60% of Tierra del Fuego province belongs to Chile, in this province where you can see the King Penguin species (Penguins Rey), a bunch of wild Guanaco and Horses running around you!

Antártica Chilena province — as the southernmost region and province in Chile, they also claimed that the capital city, Puerto Williams, is also the southernmost city in the world. It is also known as a starting point for trips around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. The Chilean also admit that they have a part of a commune in Antarctica, which is not recognized internationally as its also overlapping claims by Argentina Antarctica and British Antarctica Territory.

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