WITT #30: A New Phase of Life, A Wife!

As you may already know or see my wedding pictures from my blog or my social networks channels, so we just got married on 11th of August, 2018 in my hometown Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yes, I am a wife from the lovely and kind-hearted man I’ve ever met.

I don’t mean to manipulate or exaggerate my words above, but it’s truly what I feel about him. He is the most amazing husband that I’ve ever had. Since the first time our relationship begins, he always keeps his promises and he is committed of what he said.

For some people, marriage can be a scary thing or even a strangest thing, but not for us. He is the most brave man I’ve ever met, even he is younger than me, but the way he thinks is even more mature than me. He is really respected with me who is still learning to be a feminist and wanted to have a healthy balance marriage.

When a lot of husbands out there, will demanding to change the family name after marriage …

He does not want to. He let me choose what I want, even my decision to keep my original and full name which is given by my parents.

Since we were in a relationship, I can be totally myself in front of him and that is the most important, so do him. For example, farting and burping can be the most impolite thing to do in front of people, but he is fine and always telling me “release your self …” ((LOL))

Or simply because he just wants to make me happy hahaha.

Marriage for us is something we hope, will keep as a teamwork, share each other feelings, be a good listener and a good adviser for each other, and a best friend for life. I know we both are still learning how the marriage works, what we have to do when things don’t work, or simply what we will cook for today. But what I knew, I found someone who never makes me question about my own self-worth, who supports me in the things that I really passionate about. And treat each other with an equality, someone who respects my heart, my family and my values. And I hope I do the same way to you.

I am not promising you that marriage life is easiest things to do, but it will be easier when we share everything, share our strength, weakness, communication, respect, love, passion, craziness and many more.

So bubz, let ’s enjoy the ride!

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