WITT #28: Working vs Wedding (?)

OMG… It’s been almost 2 months since my last post on my blog. You don’t know how much I really missed to write in here as well.

I know being busy is the most cliche reason one that I have now, but I just can’t deny it. I’ve been busy thinking and managing my wedding. Seriously, it takes a lot of effort to arrange a wedding by ourselves. I am not hiring an event organizer to arrange and manage my wedding, just because I think I still can handle it by myself while I am still a full-time worker.

It is indeed VERY challenging! But I love every single detail to manage all of it.

While managing my wedding, I also still busy working as a full-time human rights NGOs officer (as you all may already know). It’s very tough job, I guess all of you who are working or have been joined with a human rights NGOs knows how really tough the job we are working on. We have to do all of the things like writing, administration, financial, handling projects, etc.

On the other hand, it is very challenging as well for me and my partner to arrange and collect all the legal requirements and paperwork for our wedding. For those who still did not know, I am going to marry a foreigner. He is a French. So basically, all paperwork we have to manage it’s different and a little bit confusing sometimes. We have to arrange all documents between these two countries, basically to follow their rules. As we know, these two countries are very different in all of the aspects. In Indonesia, the wedding practically will be based on the religious practice and views. While in France, the country is more secular, basically, their marriage will be held in the civil office rather than religious one. Since I am a Muslim, so I will have an Islamic ceremonial and yes, my partner is going to convert to Muslim.

I know all of you must be curious how I arrange my paperwork for the wedding?

I definitely would like to share my experiences how I arrange my paperwork for the wedding next time and hopefully, my experiences will inspire my blog readers here!

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