WITT #27: Another months to wish for!


I feel like this year time running very fast, who is agree with me?

It feels like it was just yesterday we celebrate the New Year 2018, but today we are already in April! The fourth month of the year. And next month we will soon have a Ramadhan month (if you are a Muslim, you are probably can’t wait to welcome the Holy month again).  It is a month that we, as a Muslim, always cannot hardly wait to feel the feast and celebrate it with our family. This year probably will be my last Ramadhan month to celebrate and enjoy the fasting month with my whole family (HINT. I am going to marry with someone that I love the most and soon this year, we will build our ‘new life’ together, insya Allah). 

Anyways, I will not be talking about Ramadhan month in my post today. But I would like to share ‘What I am Thinking of Today’ (WITT).

Can’t imagine that my WITT already has the twenty-seventh post today! If some of you still not aware what kind of post that I produce or make in this category, basically it will talk more about my feeling, my thoughts and random things around me.

Instead of posting about what people usually do during the 1st day of April, which commonly known as ‘April mop’, but I would like to share a little bit of my deep anxiety in these past few weeks.

What’s then?

I am thinking of climate change.

Yes, let me rephrase.


It is worrying to know that our earth is getting much much much older today. When we are worrying more about our wrinkles, freckles, dark spots in our age every year, we do not realize that the earth we live in, also getting old. They do not show to us that they have freckles yet wrinkles, but it’s even beyond all of that. You probably know and realize there is always different feeling every year with our environment. I am living in Jakarta, Indonesia and I feel that the heat always different every day, somehow it gets lower as 25 degrees, but the other day it gets hotter like 34 degrees. That’s what we also have known as global warming.

I thought it just happen a lot in my country, with all climate changes, but in fact, I realised it also happen in anywhere else in this world. The 21st of March, 2018 actually was the first day of the spring season in Europe, but then, I saw in some of the countries in Europe there was still snow everywhere. The temperature even still lower than 6 degrees.

This is very worrying, indeed.

Another heartbreak moments once I have read an article from the Jakarta Post which has said:

Experts predict that before 2050, thousands of small islands and millions of houses in coastal areas across Indonesia will disappear due to rising sea levels caused by climate change.

As an archipelago island, Indonesia really faces a serious problem of environmental issues. The climate change problem in Indonesia not only about the rising of sea level, the polluted weather conditions, land degradation, flooding but also what we, as a human, always doing things which destroy our natural resources. Business enterprises also took part in destroying it.

As someone who is working on the human rights issue, also make me learn about our environmental issues. And for me, Indonesia has a serious problem about this. If you live in Jakarta, you absolutely could feel the weather and the unhealthy air that we breathe on the street… every day.

According to Vice, about 60 percent of Jakarta’s residents suffer from breathing problems associated with low air quality levels, according to a study conducted by Universitas Indonesia. Elevated pollution levels have also been linked to an increase in heart attacks and pneumonia.

I just wish that Jakartan and Indonesian people will be more aware of this kind of serious issue in our daily life. Sorry if I start this month by talking about a serious problem like this, but hopefully we can always do something to taking care of our environment.

Well, anyways… Hello April!

Loves, Astrid.


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