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#2nd Review: My 1st Journey with Emirates

Oh yes, this will be my 2nd review here in my blog and my 1st journey with Emirates. I had my flight journey with Emirates last June 2016, it was for my Fellowship program in Geneva, Switzerland. So the organiser booked me flight ticket from and to Jakarta – Geneva …

7th Asian Human Rights Defenders Forum, Colombo – Srilanka

Dinner with Indonesian and Timor Leste participants Indonesian Delegations with Michel Forst, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders

Being the only women from Indonesia and Timor Leste representative? Why not!?

#girlhacks 1: What to do during your period?

Period. One word, who has thousands feeling! Maybe I am 1 out of millions of women who always feel cramps, stomach ache, weary and moody every time I have my period. Of course it’s normal for women, it’s just the effect of the period sometimes it’s different with other women. …

WITT #11: Do we still have tolerance to each other?

Well, in these past few months I’ve heard and seen many Indonesian people and netizen were talking about religious intolerance and the next Jakarta’s Gubernatorial election. All of sudden, netizen on my Facebook, Twitter and Path, they’re always talking about who’s right and wrong, who’s more religious, the strongest and …

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